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Gut Health Reset Program

6 Weekly Group Sessions on Zoom

Gut Health Reset Program

We will work on 3 key areas of good gut health:

1) Removing foods & lifestyle practices that are causing gut-issues.
2) Replace good bacteria.
3) Restore to thriving gut health by creating a robust & diverse microbiome.

Gut Reset outcomes you can look forward to:

Good digestion, more energy, improved mood, better focus & immunity. Natural weight-loss and management.

Program highlights:

– Introduction to gut health, and why it matters.
– Remove: Introduction to gut health.
– Replace: What to remove and reintroduce.
– Restore: Meal-planning for gut healing + batch cooking for gut healing that is time saving, budget- and family friendly.
– Restore discussion continued: lifestyle practices in addition to food that can improve your gut health
– Bone Broth + fermentation workshop, & an in-dept discussion on probiotics & prebiotics
– Supplements to heal & support to support gut health.
– Integration, moving forward and celebration of your progress.

Duration: 6 sessions over 6 weeks.
Time commitment: 60min per week via zoom
Cost: R1200

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