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well-being reboot programs

Sign up for one of Marlien Wright’s 6 or 12 week well-being group programs which offer comprehensive paths to rejuvenation and health.

Blue Zones Reboot Program

29 Feb – 30 May 2024

We build a framework of longevity + energy promoting well-being practices.

Reboot program outcomes you can look forward to:
Habituated longevity practices. More energy, more clarity & purpose. Natural weight-loss and management

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Duration: 12 sessions over 12 weeks.
Time commitment: 60min per week via zoom
Cost: R1800

Gut Health Reset Program

10 Jul -28 Aug 2024

We will work on food, lifestyle, replacing gut bacteria and thriving microbiome.

Gut Reset outcomes you can look forward to:
Good digestion, more energy, improved mood, better focus & immunity. Natural weight-loss and management.

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Duration: 6 sessions over 6 weeks.
Time commitment: 60min per week via zoom
Cost: R1200

2024 events calendar

Blue Zones Reboot Program

Online group program

29 Feb – 30th of May 2024
Duration 12 weeks
Cost R1800


Yoga Kitchen Cooking & Meal Planning Workshop

Includes a delicious meal, take home fermented veggies, and a recipe booklet.

May 4th & August 10th
Cost R1500


Soul Space Day Retreat

In Person, Soul Space Studio, Kommetjie Hot-infrared-yoga and ice plunge + Reset your Gut Workshop + Nourishing Yoga Kitchen Meal.

9th March 2024


Gut Health Reset

Online group program

10 July -28 August 2024
Duration 6 Weeks
Cost R1200


Reboot Retreat

Somerset Gift Farm (Swellendam) – for more information please navigate to my retreats page.

21-25 October 2024
4 nights/5 days


masterpiece & mess podcast - latest episode

Welcome to ‘Masterpiece & Mess’ where we explore unedited stories and journeys of growth, greater self-expression, and better well+being.

Our stories can often be painful, and less than perfect, and yet that is where the true power of storytelling lies; in the ‘folly & bewilderment’ to quote Herman Hesse. These episodes are conversations to help us step into our vulnerability instead of being guarded or defended, hopefully creating a space for more honesty, more compassion, and a mirror in which to view ourselves as the masterpieces in the making that we all are, despite our ‘messiness’.

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about Marlien Wright

Hi, I’m Marlien Wright, I would like to wish you a warm welcome to my well+being clinic. I have been helping women rediscover their best well-being for over 20 years. My super-powers are sharing my knowledge and creating a safe and compassionate environment for change.

This is my Support Toolbox:

  • DNA Analysis Testing ~ holistic health + diet.
  • Kinesiology ~ muscle tests to identify where re-balancing in your body is required.
  • Health Coaching ~ I help you design & cultivate a sustainable well-being framework/ or meal plan.
  • Retreats ~ rest + reset + reboot and return home with renewed inspiration, tools & energy for your best wellbeing.
  • Pilates ~ posture + remedial work + core strength.
  • Yoga ~ movement-meditation + flexibility-mobility + tension release, breath-work.
When you choose to work with me, you make time to pause, reflect, eat-, move, play, work and rest mindfully. You will make space for the thoughts & practices that matter—the ones that tell you what you want and need for more peace, joy & purpose. 


within your reboot programs we will address:

setting big goals, & identifying the small steps that lead you there

establish a clear why & how

building well-being rituals into each day

getting more clarity and calmness

shifting your thinking around your relationship with food & movement

finding well-being practices that give you more contentment & calmness

and very importantly (this is the key to transformation) the relationship you have with yourself


I love my online one-on-one classes with Marlien. The combined yoga, Pilates and other modalities she incorporates make a huge difference to my physical and mental state. Marlien is a terrific, empathetic teacher, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Consuelo Roland

I started doing Marlien’s class to rehabilitate my back issues it soon became one of my favourite hours of the week. I not only got stronger, I also left her class feeling serene and balanced. It really is soul food for body, mind and soul!

Francesca de Chaud

Marlien offers the opportunity to reflect and make changes to the way you view your health and wellness. Through reflective coaching sessions she has helped me uncover what health and wellness means specifically to me. She is also very knowledgeable about her subject matter and able to offer sage and practical advice when tackling diet and physical changes you would like to make. I highly recommend that you take this journey with Marlien and reap the benefits of incorporating health and wellness thinking into your routine and daily life.

Maryke Snyman

Marlien’s retreats are something everyone deserves to treat themselves to. I left feeling so nourished, relaxed and calm. My only regret was not adding an extra two nights stay after the retreat for some additional moments of relaxation to nourish myself. Thank you for such a healing weekend.

Jennifer Kanyumwa

I love my coaching sessions with Marlien, she has a calming nature and has helped me make huge strides in changing the habits and thinking to transform my health and wellbeing. We have uncovered many limiting beliefs and barriers that have held me back in the past. I am particularly grateful how Marlien helped me tackle difficult aspects of my wellbeing journey with unconditional positive regard and kindness.

Andrea Reddington

I have been to three of Marlien’s retreats.. each one of them amazing in its own way.
The meals prepared are not only incredibly nourishing and tasty –
food for both the body and the soul.

Marlien is the consummate hostess and has a very special way of making people feel at home. She is also a wealth of knowledge in her fields of expertise and departs this knowledge with both warmth and wisdom. The venues are always incredible, lending themselves to the wonderful escape into Mother Nature’s embrace.
I cannot wait to go back again!

Diane Lubbe