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Throughout my well+being journey I have loved sharing
my recipes and cooking with my clients


Throughout my well+being journey I have loved sharing my recipes and cooking with my clients with two books, and blogging.

My food philosophy is informed by Ayurveda, the importance of food-combining, gut health and blood sugar balancing

My food blog www.yogakitchencoach.com is where you can find some of my recipes, thoughts about nutrition, as well as my books:

The Yoga Kitchen
100 Easy Superfood Recipes


The Mandala Kitchen
100 Recipes to Heal and Restore your Gut


well+being kitchen reboot

Surprisingly, yet most often, the path to greater meaning and harmony can be found in the seemingly mundane moments and daily practices such as spending time in our kitchen’s, the heart of our homes. No matter what we are juggling, we can cope with almost anything if we create a haven and rituals for ourselves that serve as the scaffolding that holds us up through the difficult seasons of our lives. When my life becomes unmanageable, I return without hesitation to my kitchen-cocoon, where I can cook up comfort, reconnect with my loved ones, and find calmness in the simple rituals that that provide a framework of stability and nourishment.

Within our ready-made food culture, the disconnect due to technology and fast our paced lives, we must find a meaningful way to reclaim our power to nourish and connect with our loved ones. When we discover the magnificence hidden in the mundane practice of cooking, we can heal our homely life, and create harmony where there was once dissonance.

Why should we leave this work that can give us purpose, make us valuable, and more connected to a supermarket chain?
Your kitchen is where you can facilitate deep connection, a love-laboratory where you can be creative and cultivate body & mind nourishment. When we embrace the humble work that nourishes us, we are free to go out into the world to adventure, and pursue our greater purpose, knowing that we are safely tethered.

Sign up for my Kitchen Reboot Program where we will clarify and create your personalised Kitchen & Cooking Practice. We will work on creating order and enhancing the functionality in your kitchen (with what you already have). I also share my cooking philosophy and nutrition knowledge to help you set up a weekly menu that works for you, and guide you to create daily kitchen rituals that will help you harness a calm and harmonious cooking practice.

Reboot your kitchen with me and shift your cooking practice from schlep – to soothing serenity practice.

This offering is available online, and in person (within a 100km radius of Cape Town). For more information: