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By Marlien Wright | 18 Dec, 2022

This is the power of making healthy choices for JUST 7 DAYS:

To commit to just 7 days of well+being (think of it as a at-home-retreat), you will have more energy, elevated mood, better sleep and best of all, the relationship with yourself will improve, which will have a positive cascading effect on ALL your relationships.

Start small by adding the following daily practices:

  • 1 x 3-5 minute meditation first thing in the morning
  • 15 -25 minute walk
  • reading 5 pages of an uplifting book
  • going to bed at 10pm (lights out with eyes closed
  • cutting down on screen time (carving out more time for reading, walking, meditation & breath-work)
  • drinking plenty of water (aim for at least 8 glasses per day
  • down regulating breath-work & a gratitude practice just before bed (5min)
  • aiming to eat 7 different vegetables every day – hooray for abundance instead of restriction.
  • Aim to food combine for blood sugar balancing

These small atomic habits can easily be woven into your daily life, and requires a time-commitment of less than 1 hour per day – but the impact will be significant.

Below a link for a 5minute intention setting, mindful meditation practice to start your day with.

A 5-minute meditation you can do anywhere


I am running a FREE 21 day group RESET PROGRAM, starting 3 January 2023 – the time commitment for the program is 1 X 60 min zoom meeting per week at 7pm SAST (every Tuesday evening). We will cover how to implement blood sugar balancing, a morning meditation & intention setting practice as well as a movement practice, and an evening wind down practice for better sleep (that works for you) to help you make profound shifts in your well+being. You can expect plenty of support and guidance, as well as useful tips & information to help you make these shifts. If you are interested to join, get in touch with me via email at marlien@marlienwright.com

I look forward to hearing from you.

Marlien x

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