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By Marlien Wright | 3 Jan, 2023
Blood Sugar Balancing Breakfast
Blood Sugar Balancing Savoury Breakfast

Set your body up for zero carb or sugar cravings by choosing a savoury breakfast. Choosing blood-sugar-balancing meals, especially at breakfast has huge health benefits.

Choosing a blood sugar balancing savoury breakfast is optimal. Pictured here is an open omelette with lots of sautéed baby spinach for fibre and that green-goodness, organic eggs (high in omega fatty acids and quality protein), half an avocado for good fats & fibre, baby tomatoes from a friend’s garden (how lovely), and hempseed+coriander pesto.

This is my favorite savoury breakfast, and also one I choose when I feel particularly prone to sugar / carb cravings. These cravings can suddenly manifest when I’ve had a glass of wine (there may have been two) the day before, or a bit of dessert.

Having a savoury breakfast on days when you wake up with that siren’s call for carbs or sugar, is the best way to get back to balancing your blood sugar and avoid further cravings as they day goes on. Choose a high-protein and high-fibre, low-carb breakfast such as this one, it will immediately flatten your glucose curve as you start your day, keep hunger successfully at bay, and should also provide your body with the essential high quality protein requirement early in the day.

Balancing your blood sugar is the most powerful place to start for better health. With less blood-glucose-spikes, we enjoy fewer cravings, better energy, more restful sleep, slower ageing, improved fertility and balanced sex hormones, better skin, fewer wrinkles, healthier heart, less cognitive decline, fewer menopause symptoms, easier management of gestational diabetes and type 1 diabetes, and less risk of type 2 diabetes.

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