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By Marlien Wright | 25 Oct, 2023

Have you come across Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist Way’? if you have, you will know that one of the most profound practices she recommends is doing ‘Morning Pages’.

“The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron is a self-help and creativity book designed to help individuals unlock their creative potential and overcome creative blocks. The book is structured as a 12-week program and offers tools and exercises to inspire and develop creativity. Cameron emphasizes the importance of daily journaling, which she calls “morning pages,” and weekly “artist dates” as essential practices to tap into one’s creativity. Throughout the book, Cameron encourages readers to confront their self-doubt and fears, foster a sense of self-acceptance, and build a more fulfilling and creative life. It has been widely acclaimed for its transformative impact on individuals seeking to reignite their artistic and creative passions.

The book has garnered millions in book sales worldwide, and gets recommended by many well known creatives. Even if you are NOT neccesarily looking for more creativity in your life, I guarantee you will find valuable self development and self-discovery in its pages.

In the book, Julia Cameron suggests a powerful practice of doing ‘morning pages’ which entails a 5-10min long-hand writing practice in the morning before doing anything else (but after brewing a cup of life-giving tea or coffee off course). You simply scribble 2-3 pages of just random thoughts and worries that is rolling around in your mind.

It has helped me immensely to to find clarity and order in my somewhat chaotic life as a single mom who works full time with a busy tween and teenager.

The thoughts that flow from your pen can be random, spelling mistakes are allowed, and if its incoherent, no problem, the idea really is to just ‘get rid’ off what is bothering you (small or big). Letting it all roll out onto the page in longhand if you can so you can put it aside for the day and get on with what is important, productive, useful and creative instead of your thoughts (energy) being wasted by worries and concerns.

It is an amazing practice to find more clarity and purpose in each day, and also put’s worries in perspective. Sometimes as I write I can suddenly see how my worries aren’t real, how I project into the future, and that they are just thought-fears, not he facts of or the reality of my life.

I hope this little post was valuable to you. please share it with someone else who also may find value in it.

In dedication to your best well-being,

Marlien Wright

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