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By Marlien Wright | 9 Feb, 2023

Introducing my podcast; Masterpiece & Mess.

I asked myself what is the most uncomfortable thing I can do in 2023. And the answer that came up was, ‘start a podcast Marlien’….

So I did. I am an a introvert, and struggle immensely with social anxiety, as well as being in situations where I feel there will be too much attention on what I say or do.

This is a leftover from a pretty chaotic and dysfunctional childhood, and one I have worked hard to overcome. So throughout the last 15 years I have put myself in situations where I become visible (being invisible was my jam / unhealthy coping skill I learned when I was still a wee little kid). 

Also I love listening to podcasts and have been yearning to have some cool conversations, with some cool people. In this first episode I speak to Master Coach Simon Crowe who greatly inspires me as a coach, and as a human being.  You can get in touch with Simon/ or follow him here.

Please have a listen to the first episode where Simon beautifully articulates the power of dreaming, intuition, intention and inspired action.

Masterpiece & Mess will be a place where I explore unedited stories and journeys of growth, greater self-expression, and better well+being with some cool humans, as well as share my own experiences strength and hope.

Our stories can often be painful, and less than perfect, and yet that is where the true power of storytelling lies; in the ‘folly & bewilderment’ to quote Herman Hesse. 

I look forward to sharing many more honest conversations that are steeped in vulnerability and growth, hopefully creating a space for more honesty, more compassion, and a mirror in which to view ourselves as the masterpieces in the making that we all are, despite our ‘messiness’.

I hope you get as much from this conversation with Simon Crowe as I did. Please remember to share this episode with friends and loved ones and go ahead and post any comments you may have – I would love to hear from you. Also, please consider rating & reviewing this podcast. Spotify & Apple Podcasts links below:


In dedication to your radiant well+being,


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