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By Marlien Wright | 14 Feb, 2023

A 3 MONTH ONLINE GROUP PROGRAM with Marlien Wright starting 1 March 2023

How will it work?

We will meet online (via Zoom) once a week for 75 min (on Wednesday evenings). 

Each week I will guide you through a small step towards your radiant & holistic well-being. You will set a manageable goal to implement this step into your routine in the 7 days that follow, armed with all the information, motivation and accountability you need.  

Over the course of 3 months these small weekly steps will result in a huge shift in your well+being. Should you wish to enter, please note that the program is a 14 session commitment over the course of 3 months.

These are my hello to holistic well+being  promises to you: 
✨ better energy
✨ feeling calmer and more focused
✨ improved sleep
✨ creating more clarity, connection and contentment
✨ a habituated and manageable daily well+being routine
✨ an established, easy to manage meal plan 

What we will cover and implement:

  • Blood sugar balancing (for optimal brain + hormone health and effortless weigh-management)
  • Meal planning 
  • Implementing a sustainable movement practice 
  • The importance of a down regulating practice to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Building a loving relationship with your well+being journey
  • The simple magic of meditation & breathwork (no need to be a monk or Wim Hoff to do these)
  • Improving your sleep & deep rest practices
  • Weaving in more clarity, connection & contentment promoting practices

This 3-month online group program is priced at R1500.

Marlien Wright is the author of two books, The Yoga Kitchen & The Mandala Kitchen (Jacana Media), podcast host of Masterpiece & Mess (available on Spotify & Apple Podcasts) a wellness coach, retreat facilitator, yoga & Pilates teacher and a Kinesiologist in training. Marlien’s wellness philosophy and support is anchored in helping her clients uncover their inherent radiant well+being by creating & habituating a simple + sustainable framework of daily well+being practices.

Connect with Marlien:

Get in touch via email at marlien@marlienwright.com, or WhatsApp on 076 508 7188, or for more information visit her website www.marlienwright.com, or follow her on Facebook YK Well-Being, or Instagram @ykwellbeing 

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