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By Marlien Wright | 30 Sep, 2022

Hello dear friends

I am writing to let you know of my new online home; YK Well+Being, a virtual space where I am in service to inspire and empower you to cultivate your radiant wellbeing.

Some of you know me from my two books ‘The Yoga Kitchen’ & ‘The Mandala Kitchen’ (Jacana Media) or perhaps you have been on retreat with me, attended one of my workshops, or practiced yoga and Pilates with me.

books, nutrition & food inspiration…

Throughout my well+being journey I have loved sharing my recipes with my clients in my two books and through blogging.

My food philosophy is informed by Ayurveda, the importance of food-combining, gut-health, and blood sugar balancing. I will continue to share my plant-based recipes and nutritional guidance via www.yogakitchencoach.com  as well as a coaching tool to help you harness your best health.

take time to pause & reflect with me…

Taking time out to pause, reflect and re-balance is an important element in our quest to live a healthier and happier life. Choosing a Well+Being Retreat is an opportunity to intentionally cultivate renewed clarity, purpose, and energy to take home and infuse into your life.

I have created 2 blissful retreat experiences in 2023 – for more information navigate to:

new offerings…

Since entering my 40’s, I have been exploring some important personal questions. Questions such as ‘what does my ultimate holistic wellbeing look like now, and what gives me real purpose and makes me feel connected to my highest self? After deep enquiry, learning, and inner work, the resounding answer to that question for me is to take care of myself in a holistic way, and to use that ingoing energy to serve others. Service to my children, my friends, and my clients. In response to my intention to serve more effectively, I have trained to become a health coach to facilitate this holistic wellbeing journey for others ~ www.marlienwright.com is where you will find more information on how I can support you.

As a health coach my job is to explore some important wellbeing questions which can guide you to your highest self-expression, help you find your true purpose, and identify your (deeply personal) wellbeing vision. You will make time to pause, reflect, eat-, move, play, work, and rest mindfully. You will make space for the thoughts & practices that matter—the ones that tell you what you want and need to fulfil your wellbeing vision.

Health coaching examines the larger picture of your life to focus on areas that require change and redefinition:

What can a health coach offer you?

  • cultivating apositive mindset
  • uncover barriers that have held you back in the past
  • managing and minimizing stress
  • how you organize your life and relationships
  • you may want to address your weight, or relationship with food & exercise
  • emotional and mental wellbeing
  • and very importantly (this is the key to transformation) the relationship you have with yourself

let's work together...

My role as a coach is to unconditionally hold space for you, to support, love and trust you until you can love and trust yourself on the path to your best wellbeing. The truth is that wellbeing (physiological, emotional and spiritual) cannot be unlocked until we truly (and compassionately) love and trust ourselves to identify and implement our wellbeing practices.

To get in touch (I would love to hear from you), learn more about the coaching programs I offer, as well as my retreat’s scheduled for the coming year, click the button below.

In dedication to your well+being journey

Marlien Wright

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I love my online one-on-one classes with Marlien. The combined yoga, Pilates and other modalities she incorporates make a huge difference to my physical and mental state. Marlien is a terrific, empathetic teacher, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Consuelo Roland
I started doing Marlien’s class to rehabilitate my back issues it soon became one of my favourite hours of the week. I not only got stronger, I also left her class feeling serene and balanced. It really is soul food for body, mind and soul!
Francesca de Chaud
Marlien offers the opportunity to reflect and make changes to the way you view your health and wellness. Through reflective coaching sessions she has helped me uncover what health and wellness means specifically to me. She is also very knowledgeable about her subject matter and able to offer sage and practical advice when tackling diet and physical changes you would like to make. I highly recommend that you take this journey with Marlien and reap the benefits of incorporating health and wellness thinking into your routine and daily life.
Maryke Snyman

Marlien’s retreats are something everyone deserves to treat themselves to. I left feeling so nourished, relaxed and calm. My only regret was not adding an extra two nights stay after the retreat for some additional moments of relaxation to nourish myself. Thank you for such a healing weekend.

Jennifer Kanyumwa
I love my coaching sessions with Marlien, she has a calming nature and has helped me make huge strides in changing the habits and thinking to transform my health and wellbeing. We have uncovered many limiting beliefs and barriers that have held me back in the past. I am particularly grateful how Marlien helped me tackle difficult aspects of my wellbeing journey with unconditional positive regard and kindness.
Andrea Reddington
I have been to three of Marlien’s retreats.. each one of them amazing in its own way. The meals prepared are not only incredibly nourishing and tasty – food for both the body and the soul. Marlien is the consummate hostess and has a very special way of making people feel at home. She is also a wealth of knowledge in her fields of expertise and departs this knowledge with both warmth and wisdom. The venues are always incredible, lending themselves to the wonderful escape into Mother Nature’s embrace. I cannot wait to go back again!
Diane Lubbe