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By Marlien Wright | 17 Oct, 2022

Taking time out to pause, reflect and re-balance is an important element in our quest to live a healthier and happier life. Choosing a Well+Being Retreat is an opportunity to intentionally cultivate renewed clarity, purpose and energy to take home and infuse into your life.

Well+Being Retreat Elements you can look forward to:

Daily mindful movement class- combining the benefits of yoga, Kinesiology, Pilates, breath-work, and meditation to restore and rebalance your body

Nourishing Yoga Kitchen meals inspired by Ayurvedic principles & blood sugar balancing from my cookbooks.

A guided hike to a pristine waterfall & rockpool

A group coaching sessions to create your highest holistic health vision

Taking some time to connect with like-minded souls, relaxing in one of the wood-fired hot-tubs under the stars, and perhaps finally getting some time to enjoy a book undisturbed while glancing up now and again to enjoy the magnificent views the farm has to offer.

Sweat lodge & cold water plunging therapy experience. This powerful ritual of getting hot, and then cooling off will improve your immunity, boost your energy levels, elevate your mood and dissolve stress. In addition contrast therapy combined with good nutrition and hydration is a powerful detoxing practice; resetting your body and mind to calm, radiant health.

Learning some self-balancing Kinesiology practices that you can take home with you.

To book or enquire, please mail marlien@marlienwright.com