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By Marlien Wright | 22 Jun, 2023

We have 6 weeks to go to our yearly retreat in Swellendam at the magical www.somersetgift.co.za. Here’s why a retreat can be a springboard to your best well+being, and can be so valuable to shift from feeling stuck, to feeling inspired to determine, and make the changes that will help you live in the fullest expression of yourself:

  • A relaxing and nurturing opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth.
  • Time for deep relaxation
  • Learning tools for better self-care and self-love and acceptance skill (we cant shame ourselves into change, we can only love ourselves into evolution).
  • Connection and community with like minded women, these connections are often the most beautiful part of a retreat, a true opportunity for sisterhood and support.
  • Health and wellness focus. Attending a retreat is a great way to highlight what you need for your best well-being, and it gives you the time and tools to implement these practices once home.
  • Break from routine. The simple act of breaking from routine, and being cared for by myself and Claire has a profound ‘rebooting’ effect.
  • Increased focus and productivity when you return home.

Join us the 3-6 August 2023 (4 days/ 3 nights) at our yearly wellness retreat at the beautiful Somerset Gift Farm near the town of Swellendam. It will be an opportunity to be spoiled and to be inspired to dive into new perspectives on nutrition and stress-beating practices, such as breathwork, movement and meditation.

Meet your hosts:

Marlien Wright is the author of two cookbooks: ‘The Yoga Kitchen’ & ‘The Mandala Kitchen’, she is a well-being coach as well as a qualified yoga + pilates teacher. Marlien specialises in helping her clients clarify and cultivate healthy habits around how they eat, move, play, work and rest.


Claire Coetzee is a Registered Therapeutic Reflexologist, Massage therapist, and Yoga Teacher (600hrs Yoga Alliance Trained). Through offering an integrated approach to a client’s well-being she aims to calm the nervous system and then systematically create an environment whereby the body and mind can be more balanced, and ultimately heal itself.


What you can look forward to:

* Delicious and nourishing meals made with love by Marlien

* Daily yoga & embodiment practice (vinyasa, energetic alignment, slow flow, meditation, pranayama (guided by Claire & Marlien)

* Beautiful natural surroundings to inspire reflection

* Guided hike to a waterfall & rock-pool with Claire & Marlien

* Hot/cold plunges

* Treatments and sessions with Marlien & Claire that can be booked separately for extra nurturing and tools to take home.


Dorm Sharing R5500 (3-4 pax)

Room sharing R6500 (2 pax)

Private Room R8500 (1 pax)

For more information or to book get in touch with Marlien on marlien@marlienwright.com or Claire on claire@clairecoetzee.com

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